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Employee Mental Health Crisis Management (MHC)


Overview of Program:

Alycol Integrative Health is proud to offer a new program for employers within the province of Alberta to manage the increasing trends in mental health crisis for employees. This program is advanced in its ability to provide high quality, licensed professionals, to be on call for the immediate mental health needs of your employees. This allows the employer to respond efficiently, effectively, and competently to the mental health needs of its employees while reducing burn-out associated with Human Resources and Wellness departments in receiving and stabilizing crisis situations.

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Purpose of Program:

This program is modeled after the provincial crisis program which provide immediate assessment of intervention and appropriate recommendations for safety. Alycol's program is innovative in that it allows employers to be involved in connecting their employees with a local clinic with the capacity to provide appropriate services and community connections immediately; the barrier or wait times is removed. In addition, this removes the dilemma often faced by employers regarding knowing when to activate emergency services and how to refer to appropriate supports in the community. In addition to the immediate need, Alycol can ensure that the employee is referred to community resources that may assist in the overall stabilization of the employees such as a walk-in-clinic for psychiatric assessments, individual psychological services to be made available at Alycol within 24 hours of phone call (evenings and weekends applicable), and heath services such as acupuncture , massage therapy, and others.


Follow-Up Services:

Following intervention by Alycol, the employer will be provided an update on the status of the employee and the recommendations provided by the intervening therapist. Employee confidentiality is essential and as such information will be provided as agreed upon with the employee.



The program costs are dependent upon the needs of the employer and the services the employer chooses to be provided. The basic cost for the program is $500 per month for the on-call services; this price includes the cost of 1-1 hour intervention per month with further interventions billed at the rate of $200 per clinical hour pro-rated in 30-minute increments.

Additional services such as providing support personnel for the employee at hospital while awaiting admission, crisis support for family members of employees, transportation to our location, addiction or return to work assessment or employee follow-up appointments to be provided based upon negotiated contract.

For further information on this program, please contact

Vanessa Foley


Melissa Cayen



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