Natasha Mercer, D. Acc and RMT
Provides services in English

Natasha is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Registered Massage Therapist who is registered with the CAAA and NHPC. As an acupuncturist, Natasha is passionate about treating a variety of conditions ranging from digestive, women’s health including fertility, sleep, and related psychological conditions. Natasha believes in a holistic approach to health that incorporates various forms of acupuncture such as zanfu, heavenly turtle, and esoteric. With 13 years massage therapy experience, Natasha has been certified in sports injuries, ART, lymphatic drainage, raindrop, reiki, theta, and pelvic floor. Natasha will use all tools in her toolbox to ensure you have the best off all worlds, eastern and western specialized treatments. 


Natasha is passionate about psychology and the relationship between physical healing art and mental treatment. Natasha has specialized training with Gabor Mate, a leading expert on the link between trauma and physical health. Natasha has a special interest in ADHD and PTSD. Natasha’s goals are to work collaboratively with the other providers at Alycol Health to maximize physical and mental health resulting in meaningfulness of existance.