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Do you offer sliding scale rates?

At this time Alycol Counselling is not accepting client's on a sliding scale basis. Please contact us to be placed on a waitlist if you require sliding scale. Please note, the maximum sliding scale is $160 per hour. Probono client's may be accepted depending on need, availability, and presenting concerns.

How long does each therapy session take?

Typically sessions are 1 clinical hour which is 50 therapy minutes. Some clients choose to schedule 1.5 clinical hours (75 therapy minutes) or even 2 clinical hours (100 minutes). If you are considering a longer session, please check with your insurance provider to determine if your session duration impacts your coverage. 

What is Trauma Informed treatment?

Trauma informed treatment is a commitment to ensuring that adverse events are considered in all forms of treatment. This includes understanding the impacts of intergenerational trauma, adverse childhood events, and personally identified traumatic events, on the functioning of an individual. Trauma informed requires all practitioners to consider the impact of adverse events on attachment, personal touch, and space in our office. Trauma informed also requires our prationers to consider the implications of adverse events in relation to past diagnosis and treatment planning to ensure we are aligned with "best practices" for those particular events and that we take a non-pathologizing approach to your mental and physical health. Our director, Vanessa Foley, has been influenced by incredible psychologists and psychiatrists around the world such as Bessel Van Der Kolk and Gabor Mate. We will not accept simple explanations for complex struggles.