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Many years ago, I, like many other psychologists ahead of me, had to name a company for my contract work with a big agency. I considered many options including ways to incorporate my Newfoundland heritage and my love for Alberta, my belief in direct psychology, among so many other options. I noticed that all things in my world appeared to be dichotomous with an east meets west flair. With all this in mind, I felt compelled towards finding a name that defines important parts of my "self" and respects the innate polarity that I see all around me. The name Alycol (pronounced Aly and Coal), was born. This name demonstrated the two greatest polarities that exists within my "self", the loves of my life, my children. Alycol is the true essence of who I am and why I work hard to make this world better. 

Alycol's logo is another indication of "who we are" as it incorporates the idea that eastern and western treatments do not have to be adversaries but rather can work in an integrative way to maximize human change and potential. It is homage to my home in Newfoundland but my love for my life in Alberta. We are all "mixes" of many things, Alycol is the perfect blend of who I am and the plight for others to define their "mix" and to make the best of all of their "parts". 


Alycol Counselling was never meant to be typical. We are starting at the grassroots level on a small scale to provide quality workshops and exceptional psychological services. We believe in direct, results driven mental health services that are aligned with each human’s individual circumstances and needs for wellness. Our staff thrives in a "non-clinical" (non-sterile) environment and as you will see, our office space reflects that perfectly. 

We are trauma informed which means that all staff, from our incredible Office Manager to Registered Psychologists must complete annual training in the effects of trauma. Our massage therapist will work from a trauma perspective which includes consistent consent throughout all services. Please feel free to ask any member of our team about their trauma training or knowledge. We are here to be better humans and do better for those we are privileged to support.


We are weight inclusive which means that all offices and spaces have been developed for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Please ask our team how we can welcome you, in your glorious body, and allow you to exist as you are, that's our primary mission. 

Any other questions "About Alycol" please feel free to call or email us, we are here to help.

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