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Alycol Health Restore Program Barrier Free And Low Cost Counselling Services

Program to support humans struggling with the costs

Our Restore Program provides counselling services for humans at a significantly reduced rate with our master's level interns. Each intern, there are currently 3 humans interning, is supervised directly by me. Your ability to pay will not prevent you from being accepted into our program but rather may delay as there are so reserved spaces for pro-bono work within our clinic.

The application process is nice and easy, simply complete the following form:

Commonly asked Questions

What is the cost of the services?

The cost for the Restore Program is $50 per session but there is a possibility of reducing that cost for some humans.

How long is the waitlist?

Typically the wait time is 2-4 weeks although that may fluctuate depending on applications received and our interns availability.

Where is your office? Do you offer virtual counselling?

Our office is located at suite 201, 95 McLeod Avenue , Spruce Grove, Alberta. We absolutely offer confidential virtual counselling our Janeapp system. We will ask you about this on your application.

How many sessions can I attend?

You will be assigned a therapist who will work with you for the duration of their practicum which means typically you will see one therapist for 4-8 months.

Program to support humans struggling with the costs
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