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Hope is the essential ingredient of change and change requires a team.
Alycol Integrative Health Services
is a trauma-informed and body welcoming clinic that will work with you to heal mental and physical injuries from a comprehensive, integrative and holistic perspective
Ways we can help

Adolescent  therapy

Times have changed and so too has the demand on our youth. These demands can be overwhelming and scary for many of our adolescents. Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and elements of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy we can guide your adolescent towards a positive sense of self with healthier coping tools.

Therapy Session

Group therapy

Alycol's founder, Vanessa Foley, has a passion for group works and webinars. She has 10 years experience in developing and facilitating community and private workshops on topics ranging from coping with stress to her own Anger Management program. Please contact us for more details.

Group therapy


Spaces, furniture, and equipment designed to welcome ALL bodies. 
No scales or body weight questions, only love!

Come as you are today with your personhood as defined by you.

Natural Beauty

Psychological Treatment

A healthy mind is a beautiful thing. Our staff are trained in a variety of skills and techniques to support your recovery. We work with you on finding the right therapist-fit.

Psychology Session

Trauma informed health approaches

Integrating massage, acupuncture and other eastern medicine healing treatments.

Treating with Acupuncture
Who will help you
Natasha Mercer


Kathy Le

R. Psych.

Janelle Cooper

Mental Health Therapist

Lindsey Johnson

Mental Health Therapist

Kristen Oliveros

Prov. Psych.

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Start now.
Start where you are. Start with fear.
Start with pain. Start with doubt.

Start with hands shaking.
Start with voice trembling.

Start and don't stop.
Start where you are.
Start with what you have.

Just... Start.
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